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In 1957, the University of Mordovia was established Civil Engineering Department, consisting of department "Industrial and civil construction." In 1962 was made the first issue of Civil Engineers and in the same year, was organized by the Civil Engineering Department.

Since 2011 the Department will implement the admission of students on the multilevel system of training.

A. Direction of undergraduate CONSTRUCTION: Profile of "Industrial and civil construction," Profile "Urban Construction and Management" profile "Highways and airports."

Two. Direction of undergraduate Architecture: Profile of "Architectural Design" Profile "Interior Design".

Three. Direction of undergraduate ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN ENVIRONMENT: Profile of "Designing the urban environment."

4. Direction of undergraduate Management: Profile of "Production Management".

Five. Specialty "Construction of the unique buildings and structures."

DeanAnatoly A. Yamashkin

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Before 1931 there were no institutions of higher education in Mordovia. In October 1931 an Institute of Agriculture, Mechanics and Pedagogics including Board of Physics and Technology was established in Saransk.

The main goal was to prepare teachers of Math and Physics for rural areas. In 1932 the agrotechnical pedagogical institution was transformed into Mordovia State Pedagogical Institution which included the Math and Physics Board.

DeanTatyana I. Mochalova

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DeanTatiana A. Salimova

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Established by to the order of the Ministry of High and Secondary Special Education of Russia on June 23, 1969, the Faculty of Economics nowadays is one of the leading educational subdivisions of the university, famous, respectable and dynamically developing centre of economical education in the Republic of Mordovia. Through its history the faculty has released thousands of professionals capable of successful acting practically in all the areas of national economy. Among its alumni there are well known scientists, politicians, talented managers of the companies and enterprises...

DeanJulia N. Sushkova

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The first intake of students at the Law Faculty of the Mordovia State University for training in the specialty "Jurisprudence" began November 29, 1976. In the same year established a legal department (headed by M. Bukin). Great help in the formation of human resources and educational base provided Kazan, Leningrad and Moscow State Universities. Having existed for two years, the legal department in 1978 was transformed into the Faculty of Law. In the early years of the department created the key departments: October 12, 1976 - The Department of Theory and History of State and Law (Head of Department. - Doctor of Law, Professor. VM Forest) January 23, 1980 - Department of Administrative Law and Theory of Public Administration (Head of Department. - Doctor of Law, Professor. VA Yusupov), December 4, 1980 - Department of Criminal Law and Procedure (Head of Department. - D. Mr., prof. G.B Wittenberg.) June 30, 1983 - Department of Civil Law and Procedure (Head of Department. - Ph.D., Associate Professor NI cathkinite.). Beginning in 1981, which hosted the first graduation of students, the Faculty of Law has prepared more than 10,000 legal professionals working in the Republic of Mordovia, and beyond. Graduates of the Mordovia State University Law School in demand in law enforcement, judiciary, state and local governments, business entities. Among the graduates - Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Mordovia, MS Sezganov, Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Mordovia, GA Kuryshev, Vice-Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Mordovia, S. Alexandrov, Chairman of the Arbitration Court of the Republic of Mordovia V. Korovkin, the head of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre, and Cartography of the Republic of Mordovia, Y. Makarov, Chairman of the Committee for legislation and the legality of the National Assembly of the Republic of Mordovia V. Alekhine, Head of Legal Department of the National Assembly of the Republic of Mordovia, EA Ionkin, head of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Mordovia, FP Devyatayev etc.