Nikolay P. Makarkin

Doctor of Economics
Full professor

President of National Research Mordovia State University (rectorate)
President of National Research Mordovia State University (republican board of rectors)
Manager ()
Head of academic сhair (chair of economics and business administration)
Chairperson of dissertation board (Д 212.117.05)

Birthday: 10.12.1943

Other positions
Chairman of the Rectors’ Board of Mordovian HEIs, deputy chairman of the Rectors’ Board in Privolzhsky federal district, member of Board of Russian Rectors’ Union, member of Accreditation Board of Federal Service of Supervision in Education and Science, member of Attestation Commission of the Highest Attestation Commission under the RF Ministry of Education and Science, member of Expert board on legal issues on education development under the State Duma’s Committee on Education.

Chairman of the regional division of the Free Economic Society of Russia, Head of Representative Office of Division of Public Sciences of RAS in Mordovia State University, Head of regional research centre of Povolzhsky division of Russian Academy of Education, Member of the Euroasian Association of CIS, Head of Interregional research centre for Finno-Ugric studies, President of the Mordovian regional division of public organisation “Academy of Quality Problems”, Director of research institute of Economics of Mordovian State University, chairman of Board of Alumni Association of N.P. Ogarev Mordovian State University.

A Graduate of Faculty of Electronical Engineering, Mordovian State University (1968). Kandidat Nauk degree (PhD) in Economic sciences (1972), Doctor of Economic sciences (1984). Research assistant professor (1977), Professor (1985). Head of academic chair of Statistics and Machine Processing of Economical Information (1981-1989), later renamed in Chair of Production Management (1989-1994), then Chair of Management, (1994-2004). Head of Chair of Economics and Logistics (from 2004 to present time). Dean of Economics Faculty (1983-1991). Rector of N.P. Ogarev Mordovian State University (1991-2010). President of N.P. Ogarev Mordovia State University (from 2010 г. to present time).

Research interests, publications

Problems of assessment of economic efficiency of commercial and project decisions, assessment of quality and reliability of equipment; research into the problems of integration of regional systems of education. Published over 300 items of research and academic work.


Honoured Science Worker of Russia, Honoured Science Worker of the Republic of Mordovia, Laureate of N.P.Ogarev’s Prize, Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Mordovia in the field of science and technology, Winner of the Russian competition "Manager of the Year – 2000" in the field of education.
Badge of honour “Rector of the Year” (2004, 2005, 2009) pursuant to the results of the competition “Golden Medal “European Quality”, Order of Honour, Badge of honour “Honoured worker of higher education of Russia», Order of Russian Orthodox Reverend Sergey Radonezhsky Church, 2nd class, Order of Glory, 3rd class, Medal "For valour" 2nd class, Order "For Services to the Homeland, 4th class". Diploma and medal from International Association of Academies of Sciences “For assistance in science development (2010).

Additional information

Chief editor of the International journal “the Finno-Ugric World” and electronic academic periodical “System management”. Member of the editorial board of the following journals "Bulletin of Association of Russian HEIs", "Regional studies", "Higher education today".

Was elected People’s Deputy (1990-1993), Deputy of the State Assembly of the Republic of Mordovia (1995-2003, 2007-2011).  

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