Mechanics and Power Engineering Institute

During the period of the institution (faculty) has formed a system of scientific research and training. Main directions of scientific-technical and innovation research institute associated with the units operating at its base: the research laboratory technologies and means of restoring and strengthening parts of concentrated sources of energy and metal-polymer composites in the structure and the direct financing of the GNU GOSNITI Agricultural Sciences (Moscow ) laboratory problems of energy conservation and energy efficiency training, research and production center for the development and implementation of advanced technological processes of recovery of parts; Training and Technology Center to develop and implement processes перспективныхтехнологических technical service vehicles; laboratory workplace certification laboratory evaluation of the quality of TCM, the Center to provide scientific services to the Republic of Mordovia, research library, educational information and advisory center "Agroinzheneriya"; interdepartmental research laboratory experimental simulation of machine technology in agriculture; laboratory of membrane technology.

Institute of Mechanics and Energy participates in the development and implementation of federal and national programs. Successfully functioning scientific schools under the guidance of Professors PV Senin, PP Lezina, AP Saveliev. A specialized council for doctoral and master's theses in two specialties: 05.20.01 "Technology and the mechanization of agriculture," 05.20.03 "Technologies and maintenance facilities in agriculture."

At the institute there are postgraduate and doctoral studies in teacher training, which is currently 62 people enrolled.