Department of Intellectual Property Management

Head of departmentAnzhelika I. Salnikova


  • Development of the patent policy at the University;
  • Patent analysis and patent search;
  • Patenting of the inventions;
  • Commercialization legal support;
  • Together with the research and development supervisor reveals registrable issues included into the University course schedules;
  • Carries out methodical supervision and participates in patent researches at all the stages of research and development works;
  • Analyzing sales market for the deliverables of research and development works;
  • Participates in advertising of the intellectual property assets;
  • Formulates proposals and sells licenses on the intellectual property assets;
  • Provides qualification training to the University employees and students in the issues of the legal protection of intellectual property deliverables;
  • Registers and contemplates in a due course innovation proposals, provides authors support in legalization and protection of their rights;
  • Determinates an extent of revealing of commercially valuable and publicity information (together with the Dep.No1 and Centre of Technologies Transfer);
  • Protection of the different types of intellectual property and "know-how";
  • Provides the University commercial secret protection;
  • Participates in expert check out of the information ready for the appearance in the public media;
  • Legal registration of the intellectual property transfer (preparation of the licensing agreements);
  • Preparation of the rights sharing agreement with the authors;
  • Intellectual property evaluation;
  • Estimation the necessity of the license acquisition and licenses cost evaluation (together with the authors);
  • Supplies the University with the necessary patent and research and development documents.