The University’s distinctive feature is a wide range of academic programmes in natural science, technical science and humanities. It encompasses all levels of education ranging from non-degree programmes of high school to opportunities of further post secondary education programmes. Prospective students are now able to opt for Bachelor and Master degree programmes, Higher Education diploma (5-year study) programmes, graduate and post graduate studies programmes. The University is entitled to offer educational services in compliance with the licence (Reg. №2218 granted on 24.06.2016) and has the right to issue state approven diplomas of higher education in accordance with the State Accreditation Certificate (reg. № 2256 of 23.09.2016, expiration date of 31.05.2019) granted by the Federal Service for Supervision in Science and Education.

Dear applicants! From 2011 we have offered the following degree programmes and specialisations in compliance with Federal state educational standard 3-rd generation.

Information about the educational programmes offered by the university is presented below.