of the Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher learning

 «National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University»


Ogarev Mordovia State University as a national research university finds its mission in the formation of a new-type university model, which offers a unified complex of educational, scientific, innovative, informational and socio-cultural activities, following the principles of fundamentality, creativity and quality instrumental in modernization of Russian society and its integration with the world educational and scientific space.

The Quality Policy of Ogarev Mordovia State University being in line with the University Development Program seeks to employ the combined efforts of staff, students, graduates and partners to facilitate the evolvement of a competitive, innovative, socially oriented economy, the development of civil society and the cultural burgeoning of the Republic of Mordovia and the whole Russia.

The core objective of the University is to assure the guarantees of the quality of education, research and innovation and to prepare highly qualified specialists of the appropriate level and specialism, competitive in the labor market, competent, responsible, with high level of ethical integrity, proficient in their occupations, capable of effective work in their specialism at the level of world standards, ready for a life-long professional growth, social and professional mobility.

This Quality Assurance Policy, by way of achieving the main objective, envisages:

- training of mid-level professionals of post-secondary non tertiary education, bachelor degree, specialist degree and master degree graduates, qualified scientific and pedagogical staff of continuing education (clinical residents and doctoral students) who are sought after and competitive in the global labor market);

- leadership and personal responsibility of University managers at all administrative levels, assurance of a clear understanding of his/her own tasks, duties, powers and responsibilities by each employee;

- enhancement of the quality of methodological, material and technical, informational and educational staff provision for education, research and innovation activities;

- creation of conditions for the raise of students' satisfaction in intellectual, cultural and spiritual development, contributing to the growth of students' interest in furthering the level and quality of their knowledge;

- creation and development of motivational mechanisms that ensure the raise of employees' responsibility for the quality and effectiveness of their activities;

- life-long professional development of the teaching staff, staffing of structural divisions with qualified, competent and professionally trained employees who are able to ensure the high quality of the work performed;

- integration of the University with the global educational space through collaboration and partnership;

- continuous enhancement of efficiency and productivity of the quality management system;

- active creation of the University image as a leading center of science and education in the modern information and media space.

The Quality Policy complies with the University's Mission, Development Program and applicable requirements and seeks to meet the consumers’ expectations in the field of training highly qualified staff.

The leadership of the University undertakes a commitment and is responsible for creating the conditions necessary to achieve the goals of the University and the implementation of this Policy, development and continuous improvement of the quality management system as a whole.



APPROVED by the Senate of

Ogarev Mordovia State University

(Minutes No. 1 dated of 29.01.2019)