University mission

Mordovia State University - the founder of Higher Education in the Republic of Mordovia. Established in 1931 as an educational institution, by the beginning of the XXI century it has became a well-known, dynamic, educational, scientific and cultural centre of Russia. In May 2010 the University in a keen competition earned a new status "National research university" joining the cohort of the 29 best research intensive national universities. National Research University is a new form of institutional organization of scientific and educational activities based on the principles of fundamental, creativity, continuity and consistency, quality, integration of science, education and training.

University appreciates the status of a national research university that allows it to perform a wide range of basic and applied research, to create well-known in Russia and abroad scientific schools to ensure effective technology transfer, develop and implement educational programs aimed at training and retraining of highly qualified personnel who are the elite of Russian society and business.

University sees its mission in establishing the ideals of freedom and democracy, solving the problems of modernization of Russian society.

University as a community of scholars, teachers, staff and students support the spirit of academic freedom and a high level of corporate culture.

The University seeks to integrate into the global system of higher education, research and knowledge, while maintaining the best traditions of our education system.

University consolidates and supports the efforts of research and teaching staff and students to the continuous updating of knowledge, their intellectual and social activity, the need for public service, awareness of responsibility for the future of Russia .

Status of national research university and the need to achieve its strategic goals place high demands on the control system, designed to provide:

  • high quality educational, research and innovation;
  • continuity of traditions and a flexible, adaptive response to changes in factors internal and external environment;
  • partnership to support the quality, creativity and innovation with the federal, regional and municipal authorities, the real sector of the economy and civil society institutions;
  • taking effective management decisions based on the balance of the needs of all stakeholders;
  • active involvement of staff and students in implementing the principles of corporate social responsibility;
  • progressive sustainable development.

The University is based on a multi-channel funding to increase the efficiency of utilization of material, information, financial resources and human capital.

The University intends to continue to maintain and strengthen the status of a leading institution of higher education in Russia and match the appearance of a scientific and educational centre of the world level.