Extra-curricular activities

Active, creative and concerned with research young people are welcome to the Students Council of the University. Throughout the academic year a lot of academic, scientific, cultural, athletic, informational-analytical and socio-economical activities are organized by the Council. The Students Council of the University was set up on the 15th of April 1987. It unites the Students Councils of the faculties, institutes and the campus and operates as a self-government body within the University, facilitates the students' involvement in the managerial supervision over the academic activities, ensures the efficacy of the education, develops personal creativity in frames of curricular and scientific activities.

Sport plays a great role in the university life. The students are permanently participating and winning various contests in soccer, volleyball, basketball, field athletics and many other sport competitions. Sports facilities of the University include 4 gyms, 2 recreational complexes, 3 ski bases. In 2011 a university swimming pool was put into operation as part of the project "500 Swimming Pools" facilitated by the party "United Russia". Traditional Spartakiada Games "Health" and Intercollegiate Student Games in 13 kinds of sports take place on the annual basis. Our students successfully participate and win prizes in the federal and international competitions. 

The creative team of the Centre is organizing all-university activities, concerts, themed evenings, methodically facilitates the celebrative activities, festive occasions, contests and festivals at the University, cooperates with the social and artistic bodies of Mordovia and Russia.

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